The insurance claim process is not an easy one. Whether you have a fire insurance claim, water damage/flood insurance issues or some other property loss or personal injury which is covered by insurance, it is always wise to have an attorney that has experience in insurance law. You need to know now your legal rights when you are negotiating with the insurance company in order to recover all the compensation you are entitled to under the terms of your insurance policy. It is sometimes difficult to understand what you can recover under your policy, including business interruption, additional living expenses, (ALE), replacement cost coverage, actual cash valve, (ACV) and other insurance benefits. The process can be much less stressful with the representation of an experience insurance attorney.

The lawyers at Norris & St. Clair will handle all of the legal complications of your insurance claim efficiently. We will make sure that you get fair compensation for all of your losses. You should never sign any papers related to your loss or insurance claim without consulting with an insurance attorney. Your phone call or office consultation is free of charge.